Hi, I'm Victoria and I offer
Nutritional Therapy for Fertility and Pregnancy.

I would like to welcome you to my digital home. I am the founder and director of Dietary Foundations.

I will be able to help you with one-on-one Nutritional Therapy, one-on-one food coaching and group courses to learn about Nutrition for Fertility and Pregnancy.

Take some time to explore our courses and services and book a discovery call to ask any questions and find out how I can help you.

Victoria Palacios - Fertility Naturopath Sydney

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With the help of our Nutritional Therapy, you could heal yourself from the inside out!

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Our reproductive system is often one of the first systems to stop functioning when we are not at optimal health. Even if we are feeling “ok” our internal systems could be struggling. By listening to our body, we create a great oportunity to nourish ourselves and the next generation.

At Dietary Foundations I’ll help you to tailor your diet to your own individual needs and work on improving your digestive and overall health.

The health benefits from an effective Nutritional Plan can effect every system and function in your body and put you in a better position to not only concieve, but to hold your pregnancy and have a healthy, happy baby who will thrive!

Not thinking about children yet (or ever)?

No problem! You have all the same organ systems and your quality of life is important!

Many people don’t realise that your menstrual cycle acts as a fifth vital sign, along side your blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature and respiratory rate! Your cycle is so intertwined with your overall health that if your body isn’t functioning normally, neither will your cycle. 

Whether you’re struggling with a health issue or you’re just seeking more vitality, you could benefit from Nutritional Therapy. 

Book in a discovery call to ask any questions and find out how I can help you.




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