Some of you may have seen an item in my services list that’s labelled “Functional Clinical Assessment” and are wondering what that is.

The Functional Clinical Assessment is a process which allows us to identify organ systems under stress and then prioritize support accordingly. Every organ system is surrounded by a NEURO VASCULAR (brain & blood vessel) or NEURO-LYMPHATIC (brain & lymph vessels) network. When an organ system becomes stressed, blood and or lymph is shunted to these networks in efforts to draw the necessary nutrients to support the organ. This collection of fluid takes up space and registers as tenderness in different pressure-points around the body. While palpating these points that correspond to organ systems, I ask you to rate between 0-10.

Because of the neural or electrical connection between the brain and organs, I can place a specific nutrient on the tongue which is registered by the brain and if the nutrient is exactly what that organ system needs to restore function, I get direct feedback within around 15 seconds via a change in tenderness rating.

I have found this to be an absolute game changer when it comes to identifying client needs and increasing speed to recovery. By addressing foundational issues such as digestion, I often see vast improvements in consequential or downstream issues such as endocrine/fertility, immune system, mineral balance, detoxification, etc.

If you’re interested in asking more questions about this process (or any other services I offer), feel free to contact me for a FREE 15 minute discovery call.

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