20 min discovery consultation (Free)

Take advantage of a free 20 min consultation where you can have your questions answered and we can work out a plan specifically for you, based on your desired outcomes.

To enquire or book your consultation call +61 401 312 411 or email [email protected]


1 hour 30 mins consultation

The Initial Consultation is designed to explore the status of your health. I would assess your current diet, extensively explore your health history and ask you to complete a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ). The NAQ helps us to identify early warning signs and symptoms which can trace back to underlying foundational organ system dysfunction. 

In our meeting we will discuss the findings of the above, and outline initial recommendations to start addressing your health concerns. This initial consult includes a 1 hour 30 minute consultation, the required analysis, and documented findings.

The initial consultation session includes:

  • Health history questionnaire
  • Food Diary Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)
  • Initial dietary education and coaching based on the health history and NAQ intake.
  • Questions and answer session related to health issues
  • Discussion about next steps – on going support and in house clinical evaluation of bio individual nutrient needs to restore normal function to the body


1 hour consultation

Follow up consultations are designed to continue to coach and develop you in your health journey. During follow up appointments we would work together to execute your personalised nutrition plan. The aim is to provide you with the tools, assessments and coaching that you need at that particular time in your health and nutritional progress.  

Follow up appointments could include any of the following:

  • Continuing nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • Functional Clinical Assessments (multiple if needed)
  • Ongoing Food Diary Assessment & Coaching
  • Additional Nutritional Assessment Questionnaires (to monitor progress)
  • Ongoing communication and support during the program
  • Informative handouts that will help you understand more about Foundational Health
  • Recommendation and supply of corrective nutrient therapy (additional cost for supply)


Multi-session consultation program

This is the next step in the Nutritional Therapy Health Optimisation Journey. I find clients benefit the most from making a commitment to work their program for an extended period. Clients need this time to see not only the likely changes in health but also that these changes are lasting and meaningful. Sessions are established based on your specific needs with ongoing communication and check-in discussions between consultations ​as needed.

The Nutritional Therapy Consultations in this package can be used to cover all the same services included in the Initial and Follow-Up Consultations. With the added benefit of additional scheduled phone based check-ins and ongoing support, this package provides more comprehensive service and is excellent value.

The Health Optimisation Program includes the following:

  • The program includes 6 Nutritional Therapy Consultations, which are planned based on your progress and these are scheduled over a 3-6 month period based on your individual needs
  • Six 15 min progress check-ins (over the phone) where you’ll receive additional guidance and to ask questions to help you on track


6 week food coaching program

If you’re looking for a little guidance on how you could clean up your diet, look no further.

Whether this is your first step towards nutritional therapy and you’re looking to make a gentle start, or if you’ve been working on your diet for quite some time and you’d like a refresher or some extra guidance, this package is perfect for you. 

Program Includes:

  • One extended session where we cover the basics of a balanced diet and a healthy digestive system
  • Food Coaching Package workbook including information about your body, how to balance nutrients, meal suggestions and more.
  • Six 15 min food journal check-ins where, together, we build your knowledge and improve your diet

Food Coaching or Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy works with specifically your physiology and function to provide a tailored care plan, complete with Clinical Assessments and bio-individual nutritional advice to deal with your identified health concerns.

Food Coaching Kick-Start is aimed at providing you with a pre-written package that will teach you general concepts about food and help you to build a balanced – whole foods – diet for yourself with weekly guidance to keep you encouraged and on track.

All consultations would take place via online appointment with the exception of Functional Clinical Assessments.

Functional Clinical Assessments are a physical assessment performed in person and therefore can be carried out via home visit, only within 15km travel distance from Circular Quay of Sydney City. 

Dietary Foundations
Building your health from the ground up.

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